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Team Members

Mark Anderson
Managing Director

Mark is an ex-international hockey player who was Finance Director at Vaux Breweries. He was part of the MBO team that attempted to buy Vaux Brewery and a number of pubs in 1999. In 2000, Mark was able to salvage a portfolio of the brands and their recipes including Double Maxim and Wards Best Bitter and founded the Maxim Brewery.

Mark is a Trustee and Director of SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers.

Glen Whale
Head Brewer and Director

Glen was previously at Tyne Brewery then Federation Brewery before joining Maxim Brewery in 2010. He has a background of chemistry and alchemy – starting off in the laboratory at Tyne Brewery. As well as the producing consistently great regular beers, Glen can use his 25 years experience to provide new award winning and interesting beers from the variety of grain and hops available.

Charlie Keville
Assistant Brewer

Charlie was previously at Tyne Brewery and Federation Brewery before joining us in 2010. Also an experienced brewer but an even better cook!!

Susan Moon
Finance Manager and Director

Susan worked in finance at Vaux Breweries for 20 years until it closed in 1999. In 2001 she joined Maxim and as head of finance and administration is responsible for the mountains of paper in our ‘paperless office’!!!

Anna Goransdotter–Bell
Telesales Administrator

Our very own Swedish blonde, Anna can speak 5 languages especially when saying “No” to anyone asking for free beer. She is the direct contact to our pub customers and in 2010 when Glen produced a new beer using Cascade hops we named it after her. Needless to say the beer is almost as popular as her.

Dan Simmons
Logistics Operative

Dan joined us in 2016 to satisfy the delivery demands from our ever increasing number of customers. He has quickly adapted to the issues with delivery, parking, cellaring and supporting our pub customers with their beer requirements.

Sean Turnbull
Logistics Operative

Sean worked at Vaux Breweries until its closure in 1999 and has a wealth of experience in the beer trade. He is one of our drivers and is the direct face of delivering those heavy and thirst quenching barrels to the pubs in the North East and beyond. A cheeky cheery chappy – you can’t miss him.

Dougie Anderson
Assistant Brewer

Dougie was previously at Tyne Brewery and Federation Brewery and worked with Glen and Charlie before joining us in 2016. An experienced brewer Dougie has quickly adapted to his new surroundings and is now one of the family.

Alan Snaith
Assistant Brewer

Alan joined us in 2007 and was new to brewing having previously been a teacher. Very meticulous in his work anyone misbehaving has to write out lines 100 times – I love Maxim Beers, I Love Maxim Beers……

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